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Improving team, time and money for business owners in Tauranga and Hamilton

Helping Industry Leaders Unlock Time & Increase Profitability

Through Actionable & Holistic Coaching

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Robin Coach

Conquer The World Of Business

Hi, I’m Robin Olivier.


Shortly after selling my multi-million dollar tech business in 2018, I founded ActionCURVE.


With my team’s 35+ years of combined experience powered by ActionCOACH, we help service based business owners achieve more with less sacrifice.


The answer to building a profitable business isn’t found in the trenches working 60 hours a week, walking the fine-line between survival and burnout.

It takes a team and practical systems that provide you with time-freedom and financial abundance.

Book a strategy session to learn how you can go from working in your business, to building a lifelong legacy.



A buiness coach standing next to his luxury car

How It Started

The year was 1999, I found myself staring at the rubble of a failed business venture,

to top it off my wife was six-months pregnant.

What did I do?


The same as any sane person would, I started another business.

Except this time it would be different, I learnt from my past mistakes and I was committed to getting it right.

With a modest investment of $500 and the support of my two friends, we set out to leave our mark on the world.

Fast-forward and that business was turning over 30-Million dollars a year.

Creating a healthy work culture & overcoming daily challenges taught me many key lessons and unlocked new strategies for becoming an industry pioneer.

I share these revolutionary insights with value-driven entrepreneurs who are ready for a future of financial abundance and time-freedom.

“My business has more than doubled 4 years in a row”.

Deciding to work with Robin was the turning point in my business, with his help I’ve developed a tight-knit team that gives 200% and loves coming to work everyday.


By identifying new opportunities and breaking down goals into bite sized steps, we developed a plan for the future to guarantee growth and consistent cash flow.


The information, advice and coaching I receive is fast tracking me towards my goals that have always seemed far, far away.


If you're serious about your business, you need to talk to Robin.

Chris Prince, Hiko Electrical

Chris Hiko
New Arrivals

Alexander Christensen

I have learned more about how to succeed in business from Robin than any other coach or online course I've tried.
Would highly recommend speaking with Robin at any stage in your business journey.

Jarod Waters, ENZED Hydraulics

Charlie has coached me with outstanding results in building a better culture & communication with my team.
PLUS our revenue has already increased, and profit is already up after only 3 months of coaching.

Leo Zeldenrust

It's always a pleasure to work with Robin from ActionCURVE. 
If you want to improve the structure of your business/organisation, and learn from someone who's been an entrepreneur for many years, he is the go-to guy. 

What Can I Expect?

Our Action programs are tailor-made for you to succeed in a service-based business, by preparing you with the valuable tools and insights needed to ensure your success in a ever-changing economy.


Leave the fear, uncertainty & sleepless nights behind. 


Start hitting growth and financial targets that once seemed out-of-reach while attaining freedom of choice to do more of what you love.


Strategic Planning:

Our coaches dive deep to remove bottlenecks & uncover unique opportunities for your business. 


We then develop a roadmap that guides you toward transformation within weeks, not years.


Mindset Mastery:

We recognize that the right mindset is the bedrock of success. 


Overcome obstacles, take calculated risks, and seize opportunities that propel your business forward.


Efficient Resource Allocation:

Time and money are your most valuable resources. 


Our coaches help you save time while increasing profits.


Actionable Steps and Tangible Results:

Our coaching isn't theoretical; it's action oriented. 


You'll receive clear, actionable steps that are easy to understand and implement. 


Time Freedom:

Say goodbye to working 60+ hours a week and start doing more of what you love, with the people that matter.


Financial Freedom:

Master cash flow management and save yourself from overdue bills & an empty bank account. 


So you can gain the ability to reinvest and grow your business bigger and better than before.


Improved Relationships:

Achieve work-life balance, foster healthy team dynamics, and nurture more meaningful connections in your personal and professional life.


Success in Business:

Create a long lasting legacy that echo's years into the future, while providing a valuable service to your clients and community. 


Ready to Transform Your Business and Life?


The time for change is now.

Take action towards a future filled with freedom of choice, financial abundance & more genuine moments with loved ones.

One21 - filling jobs NZ wide

I believe every business owner / manager would find value in Robin's coaching - no matter the size, success, or how long in business.

We can all be better at what we do with the right tools, insight and input, coaching and motivation.

Kirsty Morrison - One21 Recruitment

What Our Clients Say



ActionCurve is your team of dedicated coaches, ready to guide you from entrepreneur to CEO, and beyond.


With over 35 years of combined experience, we've done the hard-yards to learn the mechanics of starting, running, and scaling businesses globally.


Facing setbacks as an entrepreneur is guaranteed. 


Preparation is critical for long-term success.


Take control of your time & unlock your hidden potential with ActionCURVE.

Two professional and friendly business coaches with a scenic backdrop

Your ActionCURVE Team

Introducing Our Coaches & Consultants

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