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12 Week Sales Mastery

Navigating the unpredictable terrain of sales often brings moments of overwhelming uncertainty, leaving you in need of clear direction and purpose. 

At ActionCURVE, we understand the challenges surrounding sales & negotiation.


We provide you with a proven formula for landing bigger commissions with less time spent in the office.

We delve deep, analyzing market trends and thoroughly researching competitors.


Keeping you ahead of the curve to become the driving force to shape your industry.

Self-development is the #1 trait of all high-networth individuals.


ActionCURVE is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for all salespeople & entrepreneurs to upskill quickly.


Investing in personal and team growth means securing the future success of your business.


By taking out the guesswork we help

you avoid the costly mistakes that steal

your time & energy. 

We help you smash sales targets and close more deals faster than any book, seminar or two-day training could offer.

Discover the 4-Step framework refined over 25+ years that Robin used to create Multi-million dollar businesses & help hundreds of entrepreneurs to create sales superstars.

Week 1: Customer-Centric Selling & Confidence

Learn to sell by helping customers solve problems, fostering trust, and building lasting relationships.


Develop a positive attitude for confident and empathetic customer interactions, ensuring successful outcomes.

Week 2: Positive Beliefs & Problem-Solving Mindset

Leverage positive beliefs to drive personal and business success, shaping your approach and influencing outcomes.

Align your mindset with that of a problem solver, turning challenges into opportunities and positioning yourself as a valuable resource.

Week 3: Effective Communication & Tailored Messaging

Hone communication skills to understand and resonate with customers, tailoring messages for maximum engagement and prompt action.

Craft messages that go beyond conveying information, engaging customers emotionally, and driving decisive actions.


Stage 2: Tailored Success Strategies

Week 4: Strategic Prospecting & Irresistible Offerings

Acquire strategies for successful prospecting, understanding customer needs, and crafting offerings that become irresistible choices.

Develop offerings that align with customer desires, making them irresistible based on deep understanding.

Week 5: Effective Lead Qualification & Building Trust

Elevate lead qualification through effective communication, ensuring efforts focus on high-conversion prospects.

Build rapport, trust, and emotional connections with leads, understanding the human side of sales and its impact on conversions.

Week 6: Relationship Building & Consistent Approach

Forge lasting relationships with customers, emphasizing the importance of consistency in approach for a lifetime of loyalty.

Maintain a consistent approach in interactions, standards, and techniques to establish a reliable and trustworthy sales persona.


Stage 3: Advanced Sales Techniques

Week 7: Emotional Sales Negotiation & Defining Uniqueness

Navigate the emotional landscape of sales negotiation, emphasizing business value to strategically close deals.

Gain a competitive edge by understanding competitors, defining your unique benefits and features.

Week 8: Data Utilization & Sales Tools Integration

Leverage data for better understanding and measurement, enhancing sales performance.

Integrate sales tools into your process, outselling your ability to sell and bringing exponential growth.

Week 9: Exceptional Customer Service & Proactive Innovation

Deliver exceptional customer service for loyalty and referrals, making the buying process easy.

Be proactive, innovative, and focus on customer satisfaction for loyal customers and enthusiastic referrals.


Stage 4: Mastery and Customer Experience

Week 10: Seamless Purchasing & Benefits Emphasis

Guide customers seamlessly through the purchasing decision, shifting focus to the benefits they gain from enrolling.

Emphasize benefits over product features, facilitating informed and confident purchase decisions.

Week 11: Script Mastery & Results-Driven Actions

Master the art of scripting for customer interactions that yield results, covering all aspects of the sales process.

Develop a comprehensive methodology for actions that generate positive outcomes in every sales scenario.

Week 12: Holistic Mastery & Lifelong Results

Achieve mastery in all aspects of sales, ensuring a holistic understanding and application of learned skills.

Enjoy the benefits of a lifetime of successful sales, building a legacy of excellence in your personal & professional endeavours.


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