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Friendly coach

Robin Olivier

I'm a certified business and executive coach with 25 years of business experience.

The most rewarding part of coaching for me is seeing my clients overcome their biggest challenges and limiting beliefs.

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Your Guide in Business and Life


Introducing Robin Olivier, a fellow entrepreneur and business owner who understands the challenges you face. 


He's not just any coach; he's someone who's walked the path you're on and understands the ups & downs.


Real-World Wisdom:


Robin started his journey with a modest investment of $500, and with the help of two friends it was transformed into a $30-million-per-year business with over 100 employees. 


He now shares his experience with clients and helps them avoid pitfalls and fast-track their growth.


A Lifelong Learner:


Robin's journey has taken him from the navy to graphic design and tech companies, always with an eye on owning his own business. 


His secret? Never stop learning. 


He sees every job, every opportunity, and every person as a chance to grow. 


The knowledge he brings is forged in the fires of experience, making it practical and invaluable.


Visionary Perspective:


Robin has the vision needed to solve present problems and avoid future short fallings.


He'll help you craft a vision for your business that matches your company culture and values, the key ingredient for lasting success.


He knows the magic of putting the right people in the right place to nurture their talents and support your goals.


People and Culture Passion:


Robin knows that a thriving company culture allows employees to do their best work and enjoy the process.


He'll work with you to create a stellar team that aligns with your vision for the business. 

One of his merits includes being appointed by the Western Cape government to mentor start-ups and strengthen local economies.


Balance is Key:


True success comes from balance.


When he's not coaching, you'll find him spending quality time with his wife, Michelle, and their two sons. 


He's an avid surfer who understands the importance of living the life you deserve while pursuing your professional goals.


You're in the best hands possible with Robin as your mentor.

Let's Chat!

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