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Friendly consultant

Jason Fox

Starting in the transport industry I gained valuable insights into sales, management and financial operations.


Shortly after, I launched my own transport consulting business.

I now share everything I've learned to help guide aspiring entrepreneurs.

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A Business Maverick and Financial Advisor

Early Ambitions and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jason comes from humble beginnings.


At 16, he left school and started selling car parts at Repco, earning a modest $6.70 per hour. 

It was the real-world education he needed to ignite his passion for business.

Seizing Opportunities and Embracing Change

As he honed his skills, opportunities presented themselves. 

He transitioned to selling truck parts, rising through the ranks to a management position.

This dynamic industry shaped his determination and adaptability.

The Power of Resilience

Jason's journey was far from smooth.


He faced challenges and rejections but emerged stronger, learning the ropes of sales, and making a name for himself as the youngest truck salesman in New Zealand.

A Passion for Learning and Growth

His love for learning and connecting with people led him to diverse roles, including brokering finance, becoming a transport consultant, and even venturing into property investment. 

Jason's story demonstrates the value of evolving and expanding one's skill set.

The Art of Building Relationships

Jason understands that charisma and building relationships are key in entrepreneurship. 

Being someone people want to have a beer with on a Friday afternoon became his philosophy, building relationships that foster trust and loyalty.

Embracing Entrepreneurship and Navigating Challenges

Driven by the desire to make a difference, Jason embarked on entrepreneurship. 

He founded his own business from scratch, facing challenges that tested his resolve. 

His journey highlights the importance of pushing boundaries and overcoming obstacles.

Balancing Success with Enjoyment

Beyond business, Jason knows how to savour life. 

Whether it's playing golf or attending events like the Brisbane truck show, he believes in enjoying the rewards of hard work. 

His story underscores the significance of work-life balance.

Family, Partnerships, and Growth

Family is a driving force in Jason's life. 

His journey with his wife, Anna, showcases the power of partnerships and perseverance, including navigating the challenges of building homes and investing in property.

Empowering Others Through Coaching and Podcasting

Today, Jason is a passionate financial advisor and podcast host, dedicated to sharing stories and lessons from local individuals who've achieved their dreams through grit and determination. 

His message is clear: retrain belief systems, learn from failures, and prosper collectively.

A Vision for the Future

In the spirit of Henry Ford, Jason believes that nothing is impossible. 

He inspires others to take action, make dreams a reality, and enjoy the journey along the way.

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