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Charlie Chambers 

Certified business and executive coach with over 20 years experience in business operations.

Equipped with all the tools needed to take your business to the next level.

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From The Family Business to Operations Expert


Early Beginnings: The Family Fishing Store


Charlie's remarkable journey through the world of business began in the most modest of settings—an unassuming fishing and camping shop in Darwin, where he eagerly absorbed the ins and outs of the trade.


Here, he played a pivotal role in transforming his family's business into a valuable asset, setting the stage for his entrepreneurial spirit to take flight.


Adventure Awaits: Captain of the Paddle Steamer Melbourne


But Charlie's story is one of diverse experiences and unexpected turns.


Along the Murray River, he embraced the role of Captain aboard the Paddle Steamer Melbourne, embarking on thrilling adventures that would equip him with an array of skills.


From team development to profit growth, stock control, and marketing, Charlie honed a wealth of expertise that would prove invaluable in his journey as a professional businessman.


Success Begets Success


Wherever Charlie treads, success seems to follow.


His impressive track record includes steering the ship of his family's fishing business, overseeing multiple retail outlets, and shouldering the responsibilities of a territory Sales Management role at the WIN Television Network, spanning two markets.


His secret? A relentless dedication to hard work and a keen ability to implement systems that drive productivity and growth.


A Passion for People and Company Culture


Beyond his business acumen, Charlie is a passionate advocate for people and the importance of fostering a thriving company culture.


He understands that a company is more than bricks and mortar; it's the people who make it come alive.


Over two decades, Charlie has come to realize that people and teams are a business's most valuable assets.


His mission?


To create a culture that not only fuels productivity but also infuses the workplace with fun and enjoyment, ultimately fortifying businesses and making them more profitable.


Balancing Success and Enjoyment


While Charlie is committed to the pursuit of business excellence, he also appreciates that life is meant to be savoured, not just served.


An avid sports enthusiast, he relishes moments spent in his mancave, enjoys the company of family and friends at the local pub, and finds solace in the great outdoors during leisurely fishing weekends.


Restoring Dreams and Work-Life Balance


Charlie's life journey has led him to a profound realization: many business owners don't get the chance to live their best lives.


Determined to share his wealth of experience and talents, along with ActionCOACH's proven resources, he is on a mission to help fellow entrepreneurs in his community achieve both growth and a harmonious work-life balance.


It's all about rekindling dreams and making business ownership the enjoyable adventure it should be.


With Charlie as your guide, you'll discover that the path to success can also be a journey to a fulfilling life, where prosperity and happiness go hand in hand.

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