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The Action Playbook

The Action Playbook

The Premier Podcast for Entrepreneurs.

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Meet Your Hosts

Feeling Weighed Down As a Business Owner?

Whether you're launching a startup, maintaining multiple businesses or simply looking to improve your life.


The Action Playbook is right in your pocket to help you overcome any challenges and provide actionable steps you can take NOW to improve operations and scale to success.


Join Jason and Robin, as they share valuable insights into modern business and dive deep into the hard learnt lessons that will save you time & hardship.


Leave the stress filled days in the past and embrace new challenges as opportunities.


The friendly support, guidance & all you need to succeed is available right here, at the click of a button.


Tune in for the weekly episodes on improving money, mindset, relationships & more.

Jason Fox

Business Maverick & Financial Advisor

Working 70 hours a week is doing you more harm than good.


You're putting in all this work and seeing no results, something needs to change.


I remember what it feels like to be where you are right now.


Your dreams seem out of reach and optimism for the future is being crushed day by day.


I've put in the hard yards, felt endless rejection as a door-to-door salesman and faced many challenges working in the transport industry.


Being a business owner doesn't have to be all pain and suffering.


It took the correct mindset and environment to grow into the best version of myself & I’m not stopping anytime soon.


I take great pride in seeing my hard work pay off & helping others achieve the same.


So when you're not at the office you can spend valuable time with your friends & family, enjoying the luxuries of life.


So sit down, buckle up and hold on. 


It's going to be a wild ride.

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Professional business coach standing next to his luxury car
Robin Coach

Robin Olivier

From South Africa to Tauranga.

My business journey began in 1999, with just $500 and two friends.


It was apparent at first, that I lacked the knowledge to run a successful business.


Through hard work and education, I fine-tuned my tactics to scale an annual turnover of 30 million.


Since then I have built multiple businesses, helped thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.

I continue to elevate businesses with my coaching at ActionCURVE.


Getting to the root cause of the problem and building the foundations back, stronger than ever is where I find the most success.


“It's not about taking on more, it's about doing what you do best and doing it exceptionally well”.


I love a good challenge & seeing my clients overcome past worries is more fulfilling than you can imagine.


So whether you're starting a business or know the game well, I look forward to sharing my insights to help you achieve the next level of greatness.

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