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Discover The Easy To Implement 30-Million-Dollar-Sales-Strategy Using The “Forgotten Foundations Of Sales” Helping Professional Reps Double Revenue In Just 12 Weeks.

Is Your Sales Team Closing New Deals Like WILDFIRE?

Burning Through The Competition & Self-driven To Beat Revenue Targets Consistently


The sales industry has dramatically changed over the last 20 years…

We’ve gone from telemarketing and direct mail to TikTok & Zoom calls in the blink of an eye. 


If I’ve learnt anything in my 25 years of sales, it’s that chaos creates opportunity.


Those who prepare and adapt quickly, always dominate the future markets.


The gurus come and go, selling recycled tactics and guides found inside $4000 “masterminds”. 


Failing to help stand against recessions & shifts in the market.


I was just like you…


Countless nights burning the midnight oil searching for the perfect pitch that would convert the coldest of leads into loyal customers. 


Long days were spent handling objections and collecting stress, all in the hopes of landing six-figure commissions on repeat.


After attending every top-name seminar within a 200km radius, I was left with a hole in my wallet.


Feeling lost and confused about my exact next steps to beat sales records with less sacrifice.


It was only a matter of time until…

I Discovered The Foundational Principle That Left My Pipeline Overflowing With More Deals Than I Could Handle

Hi, I'm Robin Olivier.


I understand what it's like to be a rep, team leader and director because I’ve been in your shoes.


The stress levels keep rising and the pressure to perform is a constant reminder of your competition waiting to ambush your hard-earned commissions.


Occasional wins leave you riding a high, excited and motivated to keep going.


Until the slow months return and your sales take a nosedive. 


Self-doubt creeps into the back of your mind, leaving you questioning job security. 


Asking “Can I make a guaranteed income in sales?”


You wouldn't be the first, over 73% of reps quit before they ever see results. 


I would have been another statistic without one simple mindset shift that helped me 12x my business's annual profits. 


Selling an entire year's worth of stock in one month.


After spending the last 25 years developing the fast track to breaking seven figures in sales. 


I've now teamed up with the world-leading coaching platform ActionCOACH.


Bringing you an easy-to-implement system that reps across the world are using to land bigger deals with less time spent in the office.


Do you dream of becoming the sales pro who turns heads when you walk in the room? 

Working exclusively with loyal high-ticket clients and choosing the hours you work.

After Throwing My Last Dollar Into A Tech Start-up With The Hopes Of A Hail Mary.

I was in the crosshairs of a global recession, locked & loaded to decimate consumer spending. 


Cutting costs and staff layoffs wasn't an option.


I battled 16-hour workdays just to keep our heads above water.


As local businesses closed their doors, I prepped my team for the worst.


Uncertain of how it would pan out, we kept pushing forward.


We ruthlessly conserved our precious time and energy to focus on cash flow & client retention.  


We cut the fluff of modern sales to build a robust sales strategy, quickly identifying ready-to-buy prospects & streamlining the onboarding of new clients.


It was down to the wire and what happened next changed my life forever…

Attention All Sales Professionals,
Team Leaders & Entrepreneurs
To Land Bigger Deals Consistently.

Discover everything you need to know to deliver a

full-stack service that adapts to ever-changing markets, 

making you virtually irreplaceable in just 12 weeks.

Mindset Mastery

We shift beliefs and equip you with the mindset needed to cultivate healthy relationships & create win/win solutions.

Quality Clients

Utilise lead qualification to build lasting relationships and 

ensure a lifetime of customer loyalty & shared success.

Professional Tracking

Master databases, understand your numbers to improve performance & integrate tools for streamlined performance.

Clarity & Confidence

Refine communication to craft compelling messages & learn the science of targeted prospecting to create irresistible offers

Targeted Sales

Understand sales emotions & purchase motivators. Define unique benefits

& leverage data for exponential growth.

Gaurenteed Success

Harness scripting for guaranteed results and develop a methodology for achieving a lifetime of successful high-ticket & mutually beneficial sales.

Limited To 8 Participants

Chris Prince

I have been using Robin's services for over a year now and my business has doubled in that time period. 

Alexander Christensen

I have learned more about how to succeed in business from Robin than any other coach or online course I've tried.
I believe every business owner/manager would find value in Robin's coaching - no matter the size, success, or how long in business

I Guide You Through The Entire Process

Fast-track sales success with expert guidance and overcome obstacles faster than ever before.

The Competition Couldn’t Figure Out Why Once Loyal Customers Kept Disappearing.

It was complete mayhem, my phone rang non-stop all week as urgent calls piled up. 


The team was in a frenzy, excitement filled the air as they dashed around meeting clients and landing new deals back to back.


As the chaos unfolded, I felt overwhelming clarity and fulfilment. 


This wasn't just another day at work. 


Every new order sent a surge of adrenaline through me, living for the unexpected and thrill of the chase.


The competition was nowhere to be seen and our service became the stand-out industry choice.


As stock levels exhausted, I scrambled to meet the demands of an entire industry.

Firing on all cylinders, we raced towards $30,000,000 in sales without pushy or outdated tactics.

Building A 30-Million Dollar Empire From An  Investment Of $500 Sounds Impossible.

Few would be willing to make the sacrifices required, but I rose to the challenge.


The beginning was rough, trying to break into a niche consumer base filled with objections and product bias.


Thankfully, I learnt the importance of product-market fit from a beer business that went bust.


Allowing me to position our products and team as the complete solution.


After leveraging customer testimonials and offering a value-driven service. 


We were at the cutting edge of innovation and had a 30% market share in our first year.


We adapted to the exponential growth while finding new ways to innovate.


The business had grown into a tech monster beyond my wildest dreams.


I was managing over one hundred staff and dealing with a new set of challenges.


Managing employee relationships and workplace dynamics.


If I wanted sustainable growth & a team that ran like a well-oiled machine, I needed to align my staff with the company's vision & values.


This was the pivotal moment that solidified our future success.


We grew from strangers into a family, pushing forward to create a positive impact in the world.

The Local Government Heard About My Breakthrough & Wanted A Piece Of the Pie

Local firms went to great lengths for ownership rights, trying to keep the secrets for themselves…

When the government heard about this new system that generated a steady stream of new clients and boosted revenue.


They decided that EVEN they had to know about it… 


This was my opportunity to share the wisdom collected from numerous ups and downs to help the next generation of sales professionals & entrepreneurs.


Everything was in place for me to take the time away from the business. 


The team could handle itself to continue printing money. 


I flew to the capital and mentored 20 start-ups on the magic behind sales and integrating performance-tracking systems.


Applying my knowledge at scale helped me to develop my framework into an easy-to-implement system that doubles sales across all industries.


After streamlining my clients to break seven figures, it’s time for the driven salespeople & teams of Tauranga to discover The Action Sales System. 

Proven Six-Step Sales Framework Built From 25 Years of Experience


Licensed Professionals

A successful sales pitch starts with the right approach and mindset, learn the proven tactics to convert the coldest of leads into loyal high-paying customers.


Eco-Friendly Design

People buy from those they know, like and trust. Upgrade your communication skills to build rapport on demand and forge relationships that echo years into the future.


First-Rate Materials

Adaptable systems and sales strategies are how you emerge on top of the sales leaderboard consistently. Make the key mindset shift of turning problems into opportunities.


Licensed Professionals

Create an effective and efficient method of closing pitches to guarantee the highest level of conversions and streamline your journey from endless objections to closing deals back to back.


Eco-Friendly Design

Position your product or service as the stand-out industry choice by knowing your unique selling points and unlocking the ability to stand out from the competition.


First-Rate Materials

Hone in your delivery to create and refine a perfect pitch that you can rely on to seal the deal and generate a consistent stream of income, unlocking lost time and avoiding sales frustration.

Shed The Frustration From a
Lack Of Choices

How many opportunities have you turned down due to a lack of money or time? 


Consumed by the modern hustle and bustle of business.


The career you chose for freedom, turns into a time-sucking, energy-draining chore. 


You have big dreams of travel and luxury.


Providing valuable experiences for loved ones.


Looking for the exact path to financial freedom.


Wondering How do I start living the life I’ve always dreamed of?”.


Creating memories that last a lifetime.

You are much closer than you realise…

Action Curve, Feb 2024-5.jpg

I Help Entrepreneurs Overcome Their Biggest Daily Challenges.

Outdated Systems & Uncertainty Are Holding You Back

As the flood of online content washes over you, an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty arises. 


Leaving you saying “I wish I knew exactly what to do next!”. 


It can be hard to know who to believe and what information to trust.


Online influencers make their money by keeping you consuming their content. 


Books take time to read and lack results.


With so many options it’s never been more important to engage a qualified coach with proven experience to guide you through the many challenges you face in sales.


I hide no truths and pull no punches, you will receive actionable steps you can take right now to start living the life you truly deserve.


Save years of struggle and follow a framework that has led my clients towards breaking sales records on repeat. 

 Over $14,997 Worth of Value For $1,199

Top-name seminars and two-day courses charge exorbitant prices just to repeat the same old sales cliches without any guarantee of you ever seeing results.


My private coaching clients pay me over $2,997 a month to learn the exact sales skills needed to turn over millions of dollars in annual revenue.


You are about to unlock the framework to 5x your initial investment within 12 weeks.


This is the proven system for mastering sales to deliver high-impact sales pitches, close bigger commission deals & land loyal clients efficiently & effectively.


Combined with ActionCOACH's comprehensive resources, we transform you into the professional closer that businesses depend on to keep the money flowing.


I guide you and your fellow attendees through the entire sales process to overcome the limiting beliefs holding you back from breaking six-figure months.


I look forward to witnessing you transcend self-limitations and begin to lead a fulfilling life as an ActionCOACH-certified sales professional.

High-Impact Training & Expert Advice, Spaces are limited

To fast-track your results, I’m keeping spaces limited to only 8 spots.


My delivery is high-impact and directly applicable to the biggest challenges you’re facing right now as an emerging sales superstar.


You are in the right place at the right time but don't delay.


The local competition is hungry.

Slots are sure to fill quickly.

Join Our Certified Sales Mastery Graduates

Access To a Qualified Sales Coach For Less Than Half The Cost  Private Coaching.

My private coaching clients have used the Action Selling Framework to double sales and generate massive annual returns for their bank accounts and businesses.

What costs them over $2,970 a month is being offered to you at less than half.

A word of warning before you lock in your future sales success.


Prepare yourself… 

What you are about to learn is nothing short of life-changing. 

Gaining the ability to earn more while working fewer hours and start enjoying what life has to offer.

Watch the uncertainties fade away as you feel fulfilled, creating value everywhere you go.

Gaining access to top tactics used by reps worldwide and a network of professional closers taking action towards becoming leaders in their industry.

“I don't have the time”

With each day that passes, along with it goes unseen opportunities.


Time is your most valuable resource.


I help you get results with minimal delay.


Sales improve as you apply new lessons & retain life-changing knowledge.


Watch your efficiency skyrocket, finding yourself ahead of schedule, eagerly waiting to close the next deal.


Additionally, I equip you with world-class resources.


Handing you the roadmap of becoming a professional closer who always delivers.

This is not for you if…

  • You’re not willing to listen, learn and adapt 

  • You’re only in it for the money 

  • You don’t care about delivering results 

  • You neglect time management and personal development

This is for you if…

  • You’re driven to provide life-changing results  

  • You’re ready to refine your skillset

  • You want to learn alongside other professionals

  • You understand that education is an investment

Chris Prince

I have been using Robin's services for over a year now and my business has doubled in that time period.
The aim is to do that again this year and Robin and I have worked out a great plan to get there.

Ready To Take Action On a Brighter Future In Sales?

From this moment forward, you have three options…

Return to the struggle

Pretend you didn't discover the answer to consistent revenue and loyal clients, head back to masking the pain and frustration that comes with unreliable sales systems.

Try and figure it out

Spend 10+ years trying to discover exactly what makes people buy and take the risk of never finding the answers to selling efficiently and effectively.

Learn from a master

Save 10 years of challenges and adopt a reliable system that generates a steady income in sales so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour, sooner rather than later. 

  • Who is ActionCOACH?
    Established in 1993 by Brad Sugars, ActionCOACH the world's premier business coaching firm, providing professional coaches with the tools and resources to get outstanding results for clients.
  • What is the role of a business coach?
    A business coach provides guidance, support, and expertise to help you improve your business strategies, leadership skills, and overall performance.
  • How can a business coach help me achieve my goals?
    A business coach can help you set clear goals, develop action plans, and hold you accountable to ensure you stay on track towards achieving those goals.
  • What types of businesses benefit from hiring a business coach?
    Our coaches tailor their approach to meet specific needs for businesses of all sizes and industries.
  • What should I look for in a qualified business coach?
    Our certified coaches have relevant industry experience, valuable communication skills and strong a track-record of success.
  • Can a business coach help with personal development too?
    Yes, we address personal development aspects, such as leadership, time management, and work-life balance. As your business improves you do too.
  • How often should I meet with my business coach?
    The frequency of meetings varies but typically starts with regular sessions, such as weekly or bi-weekly, and then transitions to less frequent check-ins as you progress.
  • Are business coaching sessions confidential?
    Yes, private coaching sessions are 100% confidential.
  • How long does it usually take to see results from business coaching?
    Results vary based on individual goals and commitment, but many clients begin to see positive changes within a few weeks or months of working with a coach.
  • Can business coaching be conducted remotely?
    Yes, we offer remote coaching sessions via video conferencing, making it convenient for you to get expert advice anywhere the world.
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