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I have heard it said that anyone could sail a ship in a harbour but it takes a captain to sail through a storm. Like need before, now is the time to be the leader that those looking up to you are expecting and need. Here are 5 tips on how to lead through a crisis.

Be optimistic: Leadership and resilience cannot exist without optimism. This storm will pass.

Communicate often: People left to make assumptions tend to lean toward the negative. Remove any doubt through effective and regular communication with clients, suppliers and staff.

Be calm: A panicked leader creates flux whereas a calm leader creates flow. A strong team is what is required for what lies ahead.

Be empathetic: These are unique situations with unique challenges and opportunities. People deal with these in different ways so it is vital to know where each member of your team is at.

Be constructively decisive: This is not a “wait and see” situation. Invest time now to predict the future and then act on it. Change is the only guarantee.

It’s human nature for people to turn to the people perceived to be leaders or authoritative figures and it’s up to us how we live up to that.

- Robin Olivier (ActionCURVE NZ)

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